i’m officially the last writer in england to set up a blog.

i’ve written two novels, a few scripts, and a whole load of short stories – some of which you can find on youwriteon.com and by downloading ether books’ iphone app. i’ve also edited and contributed two stories to pop fiction. you really should buy a copy.

most recently, i’ve started writing my third novel, the tracks…, and, if you’re lucky, i’ll spoil you with excerpts here.

you can read a little more about me and my writing here.

i’m a little bit obsessed with music. loud music, preferably. oh, and i love a few films. i’m bound to bang on about both here, in an opinionated yet correct fashion.

plus i write an impressively dry bio.

want to get in touch?
email me: daaanlewis@gmail.com
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or just let it all out right here:

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