dancing managers

ah, memories.

so this is a short, ridiculous film i scripted, co-starred in and loosely directed. if you think that sounds impressive, please reserve judgement until you watch the thing. it’s 7.15 minutes you’ll never get back.

i put together ‘dancing managers’ as a parting gift for my lovely colleagues at the guardian, and it ‘premiered’ after my leaving speech in january 2010.

it is, therefore, by its nature, one big in-joke, and potentially amusing only if you:

1) are in the film.

2) know someone in the film.

3) are aware of the ridiculousness of chasing immense targets in a sales environment.

4) like the prodigy.

5) like bad acting.

6) like gloriously bad dancing.

i love it, though, because my partners-in-crime (all fellow managers or sales colleagues) were so good-humoured about it all, and so prepared to make utter cockmonkeys of themselves.

big thanks to jefferson davis for filming the contents of my odd little mind.

and big apologies to the prodigy. i’m not convinced this is what they had in mind when they wrote ‘warrior’s dance’

‘dancing managers’ stars:

david chipchase

simon cresswell

paul dixon

tony ilona

john inglese

stacey-rebekka karlsson

mun-yee kong

deborah lawson

liz rose

carmen somerset

dominic wyld


and was filmed by jefferson davis.

i am now available to sign autographs. i thank you.


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