‘the tracks…’ = bestseller

1 Feb

‘the tracks…’ has made it onto youwriteon.com’s bestsellers chart

a few months back i posted the opening chapters to my novel, the tracks… here. i then revised chapters, following some very helpful feedback, and re-posted them here, as well as on youwriteon.com. if you haven’t read the revised chapters yet, you really should, especially considering everything i’ve done for you.

i’ve mentioned youwriteon before on this blog – your work is reviewed and rated by fellow aspiring writers, and highly-rated extracts make it onto their charts. so i’m pleased to say, after riding high in their ‘top ten’ for a while, i’ve now made it to no.2 on their ‘bestsellers chart’, which – as we know – is even better than no.1*.

so, what does this mean for me?

well, it means i’ll receive a professional critique from one of the editors at orion or random house, which is very nice indeed.

plus being a ‘bestseller’ feeds my monstrous ego and allows me to walk around shouting “who’s laughing now, haters?”**

but, more than anything, it reminds me that i’ve got a bloody novel to write and really should start focusing on the next chapters.

so i will. i’m off to write.


*if you think odd numbers are bastards.

** i’ve never done this in my life.


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